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Lasagna in the Crockpot – Day 9 of 30 Day Experiment

This was Day 8 or 9 of the Thirty-Day experiment. Eric ended up putting it altogether. After dinner he said, “Make sure you put this recipe on the blog!” It really was as good a lasagna as I’ve made. This is our version:
1 or 1.5 bottles spaghetti sauce (Prego, etc., or make your own)
1 pound sausage or ground beef, browned and drained (we love it with sausage!)

Cheese Sauce – combine:
1 large chunk of mozarella cheese, grated
16 oz. cottage or ricotta cheese
2 eggs
(optional: 1 pack of tofu – we like it add it to lasagna)
oregano, salt, pepper to taste

Use 1 pack of lasagna noodles that don’t require boiling

1. Spray crockpot with nonstick spray (we didn’t do this and it was still fine)
2. on bottom spoon a thin layer of tomato sauce
3. Add layer of noodles, knocking off corners to make it more round and filling with small pieces (a normal crockpot requires 3 layers)
4. Layer cheese; then layer of sauce; layer of noodles, etc.
5. We made 4 layers of noodles, and topped the final layer with tomato sauce and then plain mozarella cheese.

Cook on low for 6 – 8 hours. It’s really good!


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