Sue’s Recipes

Favorite recipes while living in Japan

New England Pot Roast

<strong>American New-England Pot Roast</strong>  (L. Lee) is more expensive, but wonderful for a big group of people. Men seem to really like this.
Buy a rump roast of beef or some flank steak. Buy potatoes and carrots and onions and celery and any root vegetables you like; turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and rutabagas are all great for this recipe!

Chop the onion into big pieces and put them into the pot first. Put the meat on top of that, and fill in around the meat with large pieces of all the vegetables. Fill it to the top with all the vegetables.

Take a small bowl and put a large tablespoon of salt in it. Add about 1/3 cup of brown sugar. Add some vinegar – maybe a π of a cup. I use half a bottle of Allegra marinade or sometimes Worchestershire Sauce, but if you don’t have that in Japan, add a cup of soy sauce and garlic and maybe some rice wine. (If you are using soy sauce, you don’t need as much salt!) After that, add about a cup or two of warm water, and make sure the salt and sugar are both dissolved. Pour the whole bowl of liquid over the meat and the vegetables. If you have black pepper, throw a handful of whole black peppercorns into the pot. Put the lid on the crock-pot and cook it on low over night, or while you are at work all day. When you come home, the house will smell wonderful, and dinner will be ready. Serve pieces of the meat with the vegetables in bowls, and give everyone a big piece of bread and butter to eat with it. If you like your pot-roast tangy, add more vinegar. If you like it sweet, add more sugar. If you like it spicy, add more peppercorns. If you like for people to guess what you put in it, add more wine! Each time you cook this dish, it will taste a little different.


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