Sue’s Recipes

Favorite recipes while living in Japan

Sam Ge Tang

<strong>Sam Ge Tang</strong> is very easy.  (L. Lee, Fairfax, VA)
Buy a whole chicken or Cornish hen. Cut off the very fatty pieces and wash it well, inside and out.
Put the chicken in the pot and cover it with water.
Put two or three pieces of ginseng root in the water too.
Next take a piece of gauze or cheese-cloth or netting and fill it with washed short-grain or sweet rice. Put the bag in the pot as well.

Let the chicken cook on low over-night. In the morning, cut the swollen ginseng roots into smaller pieces for a more intense flavor. Serve the clear chicken soup, a scoop of the cooked rice, and some pieces of the chicken in a bowl. On the table put small dishes of very coarse salt and of green onions cut finely. As people eat, they can flavor the soup with the amount of salt and onion that they like.
This is especially good to feed someone who is sad, weak, or coming down with a cold.


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